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Monday, July 31, 2006

Hooray! I found a website that can replace the broken shredding attachment on my Salad Shooter. I thought all hope was lost. The Salad Shooter was a wedding gift, and I determined a couple of years ago that the life span of a wedding gift is about 10 years, so the fact that only the shredder has broken speaks volumes for the over-all quality of the appliance. (Actually, we received 2 Salad Shooters; one was a re-gift from some newlywed friends of ours which we promptly re-re-gifted. I know, we are- WERE- so tacky.) Scott and I are coming up on our 12th anniversary. My kitchen is in need of a major overhaul.

Whilst contemplating the concept of the Salad Shooter, I was reminded of a ridiculous list my slap-happy college roommates and I came up with in 1990, probably at 2am on a school night. While sober. I don't know how I'll explain half of my college era photographs when my kids discover them someday.

TOP 10 NASTIEST KITCHEN UTENSILS: (we used to be really into David Letterman)
10. Lemon zester
9. Egg slicer
8. Pizza slicer
7. Grapefruit spoon
6. Wire whisk
5. Dough hook (???)
4. Egg yolk separator
3. Corn cob holders
2. Lemon juicer
1. Melon baller

We were really grasping at straws for some of those. I don't quite know why I once found these items that are now very useful in my life worthy of the nasty list. I think we thought they all could inflict serious pain. Probably the fact that they existed and I had no use for them cracked me up. But then again, in Rexburg, Idaho, at 2am on a school night, probably hyped up on a huge Maverick mug of sugary pop and a recent viewing of David Letterman in my system, it was not uncommon to see humor in the absurd. Is it any wonder it took me 7 years to graduate from college? HA!!

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