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Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Pioneer Day!

I have really enjoyed celebrating this year. There was a great broadcast with the Tabernacle Choir, the parade wasn't all that bad (tried not to make any comparisons to the Rose Parade this year... but it is hard to resist), we spent a lovely day up at Snowbird and then attended a neighborhood fireworks show where someone shot off some radical Wyoming (e.g. illegal) fireworks. Yiha! I was asking myself early on in the day how the Pioneers would have really wanted us to celebrate the day they first entered the Salt Lake Valley- 109 years later. I think we pretty much got it right, enjoying the fruits of their labors by whooping it up in the communities they founded. Today I am proud of my own Pioneer ancestors and proud to be a Utahn; if not by birth, by heritage and adoption.
Read up on your Mormon Pioneer history!

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