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One night while tucking Abby into bed she sweetly chimed, "good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bites bug you!" I like her thinking. Sometimes life bites. The trick is to not let it bug you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


1st and 2nd place winners Eric and Wesley. (Please forgive the poor photo quality. Scott took these pictures with his cell phone.)
According to the results recorded by a special "Pinewood Derby Scoring Program" which the official had designed for his laptop that was connected to the race track, the winning times were separated by.0200 seconds. Dads Stan and Scott scrutinized the race results and compared car building techniques. Sue and I shook our heads and comiserated over the amount of time and last-minute stress our husbands put into the cars. Eric's sister Kristen and Abby flirted with the contestants. Andrew and Ian spilled two root beers and one bag of popcorn, respectively. Annie was passed around the cultural hall. Fun was had by all, and the way Wesley is enjoying his medal, he might as well have placed in the Indy 500.
I realized tonight that with 3 boys, I could potentially be lookong at 10 more Pinewood Derbies. Heaven help me!


Jim said...

WHOOHOO - Nice job Wesley!!

Glen said...

AWESOME job, Wesley! Joshua placed third for speed and got "Cub's Choice" for best design of his Ketchup Kar ... it looked exactly like a bottle of Heinz ketchup. Isn't the Kub Kar Rally a blast?