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One night while tucking Abby into bed she sweetly chimed, "good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bites bug you!" I like her thinking. Sometimes life bites. The trick is to not let it bug you.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's a Super 70's Weekend!

Unfortunately, I did not fully experience the great music of the 70's the first time around, and I cringed every time a CCR commercial came on t.v. in the 80's. I have since reformed. I love 70's music, especially funk. As a matter of fact, the kids' favorite cd for play in the car is 100% Funk, and Abby can sing "Get Down On It" by Kool and the Gang (a song that I think was actually recorded in the early 80's...) word for word. So when I went into work today and saw that we were having a Super 70's Weekend on KODJ, I was quite pleased. I recorded my show that will air tomorrow- Sunday- from 7am-9am MST. (Peak listening hours, I know.) Click the link to listen to streaming audio.

Back at home, I discovered the following pictures and cute video. What can I say- I identify!

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm a Happy Camper!

We've just returned from a weeklong camping excursion to Aspen Grove, many thanks to Grandma and Granda. Holy cow, what a fun time we had! I cannot gush enough about Aspen Grove. It was the bomb. I highly recommend it to all. If you find yourself in Provo Canyon, you must venture thence.
Click here to read about this fun place. We will go again. I must maintain my ping-pong championship title.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bye-bye binky You know it's time to lose the plug when:
-you try to talk with it in your mouth
-you can run after the dog and throw it at him
-you mistake it for a midnight snack option

Scott found this in Ian's bed the other night. We're not quite sure what happened to the missing portion, but my bet is we'd better watch the diapers. Who knew the little angel had it in him. (No pun intended! Ha ha!)