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One night while tucking Abby into bed she sweetly chimed, "good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bites bug you!" I like her thinking. Sometimes life bites. The trick is to not let it bug you.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's gonna be a white Christmas!
We've gotten a dumping of snow these past couple of days, the likes of which we have not received in a few years. The storm hasn't been bad; we've just had consistent, light snowfall that has culminated in an accumulation of at least a foot so far at our house. Yiha!
So, I have neglected to announce the winner of the "what is this picture" contest. After weak guesses made by Valerie and Mom (just kidding! They were very kind and humored me), Lesley came through with the correct answer! The mural pictured was in the now demolished Plaza Pasadena, just outside the May Co. I found the picture on this interesting blog, posted by some has-been shopping mall developer who likes to reminisce about old malls.
Congratulations, Lesley! What kind of cookies would you like?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I usually don't post twice in one day, but I just came up with an east-meets-west kitchen creation that I am rather proud of:

California Roll (sans rice) Pasta Salad

4 c cooked, chilled penne pasta
1/2 c mayonnaise
1/2 c wasabe mayonnaise
1 tsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp rice vinegar
2 chopped green onions
1 grated carrot
1/4 c seeded, chopped cucumber
1/2 avocado, chopped
3-4oz chunk white albacore tuna
salt to taste

Mix liquidy ingredients, mix with pasta. Add other stuff.

I guess the key to this recipe is the wasabe mayo which I discovered recently, but hadn't found a use for until this evening. Now that I think about it, this would be even better with some toasted sesame seeds!

If you want to eat something less risky, may I reccommend Hagermann's Bakehouse in Draper. I get there frequently with my lunch buddies. Here is a snap of me with the rest of the lunch ladies and Dave. I don't like to go unless Dave is there; he is an integral part of the experience. Very friendly and prone to giving samples. I suggest the chocolate muffins, lemon bars, pumpkin chocolate chip bread and the Mooch's sandwich combo with cranberry cookie. What business have I frequenting a bakery? None, whatsoever. I've been there for breakfast with Lesley, Ella, Grandma, Granda and my entorage, it was pretty good. All you can eat French toast for $3.50. But lunch is better. Went there with Uncle Kenneth to buy him a scone, came away with a huge goody variety box, compliments of Uncle Kenneth. Lucky me!

oops- forgot the sesame seeds and burned them. Wasn't meant to be.

Fortunately for them, these are not my children. In a recent email, Rhett said something about this causing a permanent nervous tick. Andrew saw this picture and asked, "are those boys going to jail?" I assured him they were. I guess I'll think of this and not get so mad when I see the kid-caused dings in the wall at the bottom of the basement stairs.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tartan Annie
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Grandma and Granda brought this outfit back from Scotland earlier this year. (Not pictured: matching jacket.) I did a big shoot of Annie yesterday for our Christmas cards. The one we are using doesn't include the hat, and has a more appropriate background, but I love this one so much that I am showing it off here.
This shot also offers a lovely glimpse at the recently painted pink walls in Abby's room... walls that will hopefully be toned down soon. You walk out of that room craving 31 Flavors, or a Mary Kay party. As Jeff put it, this shade of pink is a retina burner.