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One night while tucking Abby into bed she sweetly chimed, "good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bites bug you!" I like her thinking. Sometimes life bites. The trick is to not let it bug you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Happy Birthday to my hubby! Weird guy that he is, he actually asked for a race entry for his birthday. Scott doesn't just go running, he goes run-nang, ala Forrest Gump. Bless his heart, I should be grateful I don't have a superficial guy who wants designer jeans for his birthday, but I still can't help but roll my eyes and smile. You go, Scooter!

Scott in New Orleans, saving some of his Beignets for later.
I wanted to post a funny birthday video on Scott's Facebook page today, so I spent a few minutes analyzing the You Tube selection. I picked one that I thought first offensive, then realized it was right up Scott's alley.

You Tube has no shortage of birthday-related videos, but as with every other subject matter, you sometimes have to wade through the lame and annoying to find the charmers. This one is the epitome of Nicol sister humor, I'm sure Lesley and Valerie would agree. I didn't post it to Scott, however, because it makes a few references that certainly don't apply to him, and I didn't want to give any cause for misconception!

So now on to baking Scotty's cake. He will be pleased to know this isn't it, but if you get some twisted joy out of ugly cakes, be sure to take a trip to the Cake Wrecks blog. Please go to the bathroom first. You will laugh your head off.



slcscott said...

Thanks sweety!!!!

The Bunker Family said...

Happy birfday to Scott! I showed Noah the balloon video. He said, "Hey, I thought he was poofing!" The other video is hysterical and reeeeeally creepy all at the same time. Hope it's a great day.

Karen said...

Ha ha Bud! Don't let Noah spend any time with Scott. He's already threatening to teach Noah a new vocabulary word. lol