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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royally Interested

For your royal pez.
Why are Americans so interested in the British royal wedding?

I've heard and read many comments lately, from friends planning to view the wedding live (4am here in Utah), to friends definitely NOT planning to view the wedding (and making that clear to everyone who brings up the subject), to people like me, who just want to see some good recap footage at a more respectable hour. I haven't come across too many folks who are either unaware or uncaring altogether; even the disinterested seem to be animated in their disinterest, making them inadvertently a part of the hype (which strikes me as funny).

I am an American. Why am I even remotely interested?

I confess to having an interest in the royal family that began during my childhood. When I was little and my Gran took her yearly trips "back home," I sort of assumed that she knew the queen. I remember after one trip when I asked her if she had seen the queen, Gran replied jovially, "och yes! I had tea with the queen!" I took her seriously. She brought back different royal paraphernalia over the years- souvenir china from the Queen's Silver Jubilee back in 1977, various Charles and Diana literature and commemorative coins.
Scott and Abby, Wesminster Abbey, July 2007.

My dad even woke me up (at what must have been 3 or 4 in the morning) to watch Charles and Diana's big day when I was 10. (Sigh.)

I did not rise at a ridiculous hour to watch the wedding today, but I flipped the television on before I left my bed this morning to catch a few images. The bride was lovely, the groom charming, the crowds impressive and the bells delightful. Scott was annoyed by the crass American news commentators, but what can you do.

As an adult, my interest in the British royals is now more academic, maybe. Where as a child I was caught up in the splendor and fantasy of it all, now I find it more interesting to look at who has been on the throne over the past few centuries and how things have played out based on their policies and personal choices.

Queen Victoria, 1819-1901
I feel so sorry for poor misunderstood King George III, who suffered from a blood disorder with symptoms that were misdiagnosed as madness. I admire Queen Victoria who ruled during a time when women in her country (and this one, for that matter) had limited public influence. I have become more and more disappointed in tacky King Edward VIII for abdicating for Wallis, though I'm glad he did, because I think his brother did a good job and I like Queen Elizabeth II. I thought the Queen Mother was cute. Not too keen on Prince Charles because I was on team Diana, and don't get me started on Camilla. Prince William seems to have his head screwed on straight, though, and I'm very pleased he has married such a seemingly dignified, modest woman as the new Duchess of Cambridge.

So maybe my interest in the royals is more than just academic. Okay, I flat out dig them. Chances are, anyone who has endured this far through this blog post does, too. I hope they maintain their traditions, keep their act together and make their countrymen proud.

And I hope now my angelic Gran occasionally sneaks a peek of the queen and her tea.


The Bunker Family said...

I watched the 3 minute recap online. I'm disappointed in myself. I asked Dad if he's going to watch the wedding and he said, "She's not my queen!"

Karen said...

Oh Dad!