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One night while tucking Abby into bed she sweetly chimed, "good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bites bug you!" I like her thinking. Sometimes life bites. The trick is to not let it bug you.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have become caught up in the Star Jones vs. the View saga. I'm not going to blog away about it, but suffice it to say that my walking buddies Tiffani, Patrice, Sue and I all agree that Star is the one who comes out ahead here. More power to her for taking charge of her own situation. It is clear to me that they let her go as part of their deal to get Rosie O'Donnell on the show. Rosie bad. And Barbara is just moded.
So I blogged away about it. I feel better now.

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Jim said...

I can proudly declare that I have avoided the whole saga all together.