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Saturday, July 02, 2011

These aren't my kids; they're my entourage.

Us last month. We were on a slope: no growth spurt for me.
I've spent a lot of time contemplating family lately (you'd have no clue based on my last two posts). A documentary called New Economic Reality: Demographic Winter has left my mind buzzing about the impact that families (or lack thereof) have on cultures and their futures. I have attached the link for part 2, which is less statistical and more human-interestical (oh yes I did) than part 1, but if you have the time, I recommend watching both. The overview of how societal events over the past century have resulted in changed families, economic decline and an uncertain future is broad in scope and not so simplistic as to be strictly ideological. Lots of interesting experts and graphs. I thought much about my sociology degree-holding sister while watching. I bet I would have found her courses very enjoyable.

 In the spirit of promoting families, I'd also like to call your attention to our friends, the Augades. Scott and I met Steve in our fateful college Japanese class, as he had also served a Japanese mission. About a decade later, he and Deidra moved into our neighborhood, and now our sons are buddies. This very cool family (you don't get much cooler than a roller derby mom) recently returned from China with their adorable new daughter and sister, Daisy. Deidra's blog, among other things, documents their road to adoption, the anticipation and anxiety, and ultimate union with darling Daisy. Recent weeks have read like a travel diary, and now I feel as though I too have walked through busy, gritty Chinese streets. I'm a hooked follower, Deidra; keep up the awesome writing!

I wish everyone, whatever your family situation may be, lots of love and harmony. And to my American friends, I wish a fabulous Fourth full of punks and blooming flowers. (If you don't know what those are, maybe you're from California.) I'll leave you with my own rendition of "the Stars and Stripes Forever": Three cheers for the red, white and blue! Da da da, da da dee, da, da-daaaaaa da. Da da, da da da, da da daaaaaa, da da da-daa, da da doooooo..... etc. ;)  -this is what happens when you blog after midnight

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apple slice said...

the family photo is gorge. pardon, the entourage rocks. you are in good hands.