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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inappropriately Dressed?

Tonight I was fortunate to have spent the evening with some lovely ladies at a baby shower. The food and company were both exceptional. Before the evening was through, I found myself in an interesting conversation with a couple of other women addressing "How Women Dress These Days." Two hours later I am still musing over the ideas discussed.

Assuming I was Woman #3 in the conversation, I'll refer to the two other ladies as Woman #1 and Woman #2. Each of us conveniently represented different decades of life: 60s, 50s and 40s (barely, thank you very much).

Our conversation began innocently, unitedly expressing distaste for the way kids dress today (right after discussing the nickel candy bars and horse-and-buggy rides of our childhoods- but I digress). Our generational differences began to show when Woman #1 offered, "Women today don't know how to dress, either." She made a good case. We no longer tend to follow the clear-cut rules of yester-year. Many of our gender don't even have any qualms about wearing their pajamas to the grocery store.

I suggested that the changes that have taken place are permanent, that the up-and-coming generations don't even know about those rules, let alone adhere to them. Woman #1 reiterated that there were certain places where skirts will always be required: theaters, weddings, funerals. I disappointed her when I admitted to attending stage productions in dress pants. (Heck- I'm pretty sure I showed up to "Phantom" in Edinburgh wearing jeans. I was 25!)

Woman #2 seemed to see both of our perspectives, understandably, considering she falls right between us in age.

I don't think Woman #1 is wrong, in the sense that I think it would be nice if there were more widely respected standards for dress. I think she is outdated in thinking that people will return to adhering to such standards.

If it were up to me, we'd go back to bustles and lace gloves, but for the time being, I think I'll start shopping for a new warm-up suit to wear to my next parent/teacher conference.


apple slice said...

The older generation dresses up to shop at the mall. I find it charming. I also find myself happy I didn't bother to change clothes. That said, there is reason in looking one's best. It's just a royal pain.

Karen said...

When I was a kid, I used to put on a dress when my family went to Bob's for dinner. I'm not sure if that's a commentary on my personal sense of style, or what I perceived to be fine dining.

JED said...

I am all KINDS of casual, but can't stomach the going out in pajamas epidemic. What the???